“Load to Deliver®” is a streamlined alternative to traditional LTL break bulk or hub and spoke delivery models and is the core concept that makes New Century truly “Something Different®”.. Developed shortly after the trucking industry was de-regulated in the early 1980’s, this updated model took advantage of the greater flexibility and relaxed or eliminated work rules that resulted from that significant change.

This unique concept is based on a single master consolidation at our high velocity Quick Release Center which creates long, medium or short haul peddle routes delivering each shipment directly. The approach eliminates all of the intermediate break bulk handlings (de-consolidation/re-consolidation to compensate for geographical freight density) as well as cross dock movement at an end of line terminal common to traditional LTL carriers. The reduction in waypoints and handling for each shipment reduces critical exposure to damage and the time loss inherent in freight transfer at terminals in route. The handling reduction also translates into lower cost from the origin to the destination. In special circumstances the “Load to Deliver” shipment is actually picked up and delivered en-route with no platform handling at all.

A frequently asked question is how New Century handles unforeseen circumstances, refusals and problems with final delivery. We have formed regional partnerships with 3rd party local delivery facilities that we utilize as needed. These carriers enjoy delivery frequency and fleet characteristics capable of providing “Final mile” delivery service or holding freight for either return to shipper or later delivery appointments. These partners can also be used for off route or off hours pickup and delivery challenges. However, even when these third parties are utilized the speed to market and reduced freight handling characteristics are still more streamlined than traditional LTL models.